Cashless: the winning solution for organizers and festival-goers

As an organizer, replacing cash or token/ticketing systems with a cashless solution allows you to enhance management of your festival, to improve the experience of your participants but also to collect key data on their consumption.

The MyBee Box cashless solution has already allowed many festivals such as the Hellfest, Festidreuz or Francofolies to dematerialize their payments.

A cashless payment solution for festival

The traditional means of payment used in festivals (cash, tokens, vouchers, credit cards, checks, etc.) are a constant point of friction in the experience of your festival-goers, but also in the work of your staff.
Dematerializing payments, it means replacing these methods of payment – sources of risks and complications – by a card or a wristband equipped with a chip NFC which becomes the digital wallet of your festival-goers.

Are you still hesitating?

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    Increase your revenue on-site up to 60%

    • complementary sales and increase in impulse purchases
    • €2.80 average remaining credits per cashless tag
    • return on investment during the first year of 2.7 on average
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    Control your operations effectively

    • intuitive control of your festival via a dedicated management interface
    • monitoring the activity of your bars/snacks with encrypted data
    • closing your accounts facilitated by a full sales report
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    Simplify and secure the management of your festival

    • waiting time shortened for a better customer experience
    • lower the management costs and secure cash
    • quick set-up with hardware ready for use
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    Modernize your festival with a digital tag

    • a unique object for your festival-goers, kept after the event
    • a privileged and innovative advertising space for your sponsors
    • a festival with an innovative and modern image

A robust technology. A reliable & secure system

Like your ski pass or your new generation bank card for contactless payment, the NFC tag of your festival-goers are equipped with a so-called passive encrypted chip: it emits no waves and remains harmless for its holder. Credits can be topped-up to participants’ cashless wristbands/cards in exchange for real money at physical top-up points or from their smartphone on (optional).

While going to the bar or snack kiosk, your festival-goers can exchange their credits for a drink or a sandwich thanks to the fast and secure reading of their NFC wristband/card on a payment terminal managed by your point of sale staff. This operation relies on robust and secure cloud-based payment technology called NFC or Near Field Communication.

Concretely, our MyBee Box solution is based on four elements:


To set up your festival and track the operations (sales and top-up points, vendors, items, prices, transactions, etc.).


Equipped with NFC card readers and our cash register software, they allow the staff to manage top-up and payments.


The digital wallet of your festival-goers with the colors of your event or your sponsors.


Website allowing users to top-up their NFC tags online and block it in case of loss/theft (subject to network coverage).

Cashless revolutionizes the experience of festival-goers

Hellfest, Festidreuz, Francofolies, Guitar Break, etc. the NFC technology of MyBee Box has already proven itself in many cashless festivals in recent years. With their cashless card or wristband, festival-goers no longer have to worry about their wallet and can fully enjoy your festival and consume safely.

6 cashless benefits for festival-goers

Offer cashless to your festival-goers with MyBee Box means:

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    a unique and modern method of payment,
    collectable and secured

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    a top-up of their card/wristband
    on-site or online

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    cashing 3x faster
    than a credit card payment

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    track their purchases and refund
    the remaining balance online

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    disabling the NFC tag online
    in case of loss or theft

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    relevant offers thanks to consumer
    data marketing

How does the MyBee Box solution work
for your participants?

A usage of the MyBee Box solution by your
festival-goers for a seamless experience in 3 steps:
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    1. Retrieve and top-up
    your NFC tag

    The participants retrieve a cashless card or wristband on which they can top-up the amount of their choice, either at a top-up point via any methods of payment (cash, credit card, Lydia, Pumpkin, etc.), or on

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    2. Use the solution to consume during a festival

    During the festival, it takes a few
    seconds for festival-goers to pay
    for their food and beverages with their NFC tags
    thanks to the payment terminals located in your points of sale.

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    3. Get your balance refunded after the festival on

    Once the festival is over, your participants can go to in order to get a refund of their remaining credits by indicating their name/surname, email address, bank details, as well as the 7-character alphanumeric code of their NFC tag.

FAQ : Frequently asked questions about the use of cashless

Is cashless suitable for any size of festival?

Since 2013, MyBee Box has equipped more than 300 festivals going from 250 to 200,000 participants in 15 countries.

What are the steps of the cashless MyBee Box?

As a festival manager, the MyBee Box solution involves several actors in your organization from preparing the event website to the end of its operation. Find all the stages of your cashless journey with MyBee Box before, during and after your festival.

Is the handling of cashless MyBee Box easy?

Whether it is for you as a festival organizer, for your staff, your volunteers or your festival-goers, the MyBee Box cashless solution is intuitive, which makes it easy for everyone involved to organize or participate in your event.
With the MyBee Box, the customer experience of your festival-goers becomes more seamless and your staff quickly autonomous, which allows you to better control your festival.

Does cashless require an internet connection?

The MyBee Box aims to meet the needs and on-site constraints of festivals. Our cashless solution can therefore work perfectly offline, you do not need to install wifi terminals, nor do you need a good 4G coverage.
Network coverage is only required if you want to enable the online top-up option allowing participants to top-up their NFC card/wristband from their smartphone at

Do I have to invest in additional equipment?

Our cashless solution has been designed to be easy to use and handle by your staff. It allows faster cash-ins in points of sale, giving more time for your staff members to take care of the service. You will not need to hire additional bartenders on your points of sale.

Is this solution suitable for other events?

Private parties, student events (galas, inter-school meetings, etc.), sporting events (car races, marathons, athletics meetings, jumping, etc.) or professionnal events and thematic exhibitions, our all-in-one MyBee Box cashless solution allows the dematerialization of payments for all types of events.

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