Why switch to cashless for your student event?

Student nights, inter-school sporting events, promotion galas, etc. Many student events have already adopted cashless to avoid the circulation of cash or to replace tickets, today exceeded by their lack of security. The experience of your participants is thus greatly fluidized, which greatly facilitates the management of your student event.

Providing your participants with the MyBee Box cashless solution is to allow the dematerialization of payments at the location of your student event.

A dematerialized payment solution for your student event

Cash, credit card, tickets, tokens, checks, etc. Your predecessors may have used many ways to manage payments in previous editions.

However these time-consuming methods of payment are often synonymous with frustration for both the students and your staff who can quickly be overwhelmed by the flow at the bar.

Our solution allows you to replace these methods of payment with cashless cards or wristbands to facilitate the management of your event and its security.

Cashless fits perfectly in student parties

4 reasons to offer cashless to your students

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    a unique, secure and collector
    method of payment for your participants

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    a wide range of methods of topping-up
    (cash, credit card, Lydia, Pumpkin, PayPal, etc.)

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    consumption tracking and possibility
    to retrieve their remaining credits

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    a cashing 3x faster than credit card
    for reduced queues

Point Gamma, Course Croisière Edhec, les Jeux Omnisports OJO of Lille or the galas of many schools (Saint-Cyr, Grenoble School of Management, Centrale Supélec, etc.), cashless has already attracted many organizers of student events anxious to secure and improve the fluidity of their event in order to offer the best experience to students.

How does the MyBee Box solution work
for your participants?

A usage of the MyBee Box solution by your
festival-goers for a seamless experience in 3 steps:
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    1. Retrieve and top-up
    your NFC tag

    Upon arrival, the students are provided with a cashless card or wristband on which they can top-up the amount of their choice, either on the spot through the top-up points, or online on cashless.fr from their smartphone (optional) .

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    2. Use the solution to consume during the event

    Between two concerts or two tournaments, the students pay by exchanging the credits loaded on their NFC tag thanks to a scan on the payment terminals of the various points of sale held by the members of your staff.

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    3. Get your balance refunded after the event
    on cashless.fr

    At the end of your event, students can request the refund of their remaining credit from their cashless.fr account by entering their identity, their bank details and the 7-character code located on the back of their NFC tag.

4 benefits of cashless as an organizer

Whether you are President, Treasurer, Logistics Manager or Partnership of a student association organizing events,
the cashless solution MyBee Box will allow you to:

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    Make your event profitable: up to 60% more turnover

    • increased on-site consumption and additional sales
    • additional income from remaining balances on wristbands
    • a balanced event: an average ROI of x2.7
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    Monitor your operations clearly!

    • supervising your event: an intuitive dedicated interface
    • improved inventory management: accurate data generated by stand
    • closing of accounts and simplified cash flow: detailed sales report
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    Facilitate and secure the management of your event!

    • reduce waiting time at points of sale
    • quick set up with ready-to-use hardware
    • no more expensive and restrictive cash management (theft/loss)
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    Get a new digital communication tool!

    • a modern and collector object for students
    • a space dedicated to sponsorship for your partners
    • an innovative image for your event

A reliable & secure system. A robust technology

The MyBee Box cashless solution is based on NFC (Near Field Communication), a secure and robust cloud-based payment technology. In practice, the payment system we put in place is based on four elements:


Allows the complete configuration of your event and the monitoring of operations on-site (articles, staff members, points of sale, prices, etc.).


Equipped with NFC readers and cash register software to top-up credits or exchange them for food & beverages.


NFC cards/wristbands with the colors of your event, your association or your sponsors.


Website that students can access to top-up their NFC tag online or block it in case of loss (stable connection required).

In addition to fluidifying your transactions, this system is very intuitive to handle. Your students may not know it, but they already use the NFC technology of our cashless solution: skiing when they pass the cable car gantry with their package or when they pay with contactless through their new generation credit card. These are so-called passive encrypted NFC chips, which emits no waves and therefore remains harmless for their holders.

Once at the physical top-up points of your event or online on cashless.fr (option), students exchange real money for credits, then top-up on their cashless card or wristband. The information contained on their NFC tag is then read in a few seconds by the POS terminals, in a scan, which allows the exchange of their credits against consumption (food or drink).

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about cashless and its use

Cashless for what size of student events?

For more than 6 years, the MyBee Box cashless solution has equipped more than 400 student events going from 500 to 5000 participants through the Schools and Universities of France.

What are the steps of the cashless MyBee Box?

As a student event organizer, the MyBee Box solution involves several actors in your organization from preparing the event website to the end of its operation and closing the accounts. Find all the stages of your cashless journey with MyBee Box before, during and after your event.

Is the handling of cashless easy?

The MyBee Box cashless solution has been developed to ensure a simple deployment and intuitive use for all actors involved in your events (organizer, staff and volunteers, students).

You can thus easily manage your event in a secure way while providing a smoother experience to students and quickly empower your staff members.

Does the cashless require an internet connection?

The MyBee Box aims to meet the needs and on-site constraints of student events. Our cashless solution can therefore work perfectly offline, you do not need to install wifi terminals, nor do you need a good 4G coverage.
Network coverage is only required if you want to enable the online top-up option allowing participants to top-up their NFC card/wristband from their smartphone on cashless.fr.

Do I have to invest in additional staff?

Our cashless solution has been designed to be easy to use and handle by the student volunteers of your association. It allows faster cash-ins at points of sale, leaving more time for your staff members to take care of the service. You will not need to hire additional bartenders at your points of sale.

Is cashless used on other events?

Corporate events and thematic exhibitions, sporting events (marathons, car races and cyclists, jumping, athletics meetings, etc.) ou encore festivals and private parties, the MyBee Box cashless solution is adapted to all types of events in order to ensure the digitization of payments.

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