Cashless: the solution that best meets the needs of sporting events

Motor racing, marathon, athletic meeting, e-sport meeting, etc. Whatever the type of sports event you organize, a cashless solution can allow you to replace cash, tokens or consumption tickets. Participants and spectators can thus benefit from a more fluid experience which greatly simplifies the conduct of your event.

Many sports event organizers have already reached the cashless stage and use the MyBee Box solution to dematerialize payments on their event.

A dematerialized payment solution

for sporting events

Whether it is for athletes participating in your event or spectators who are attending it, traditional payment methods (cash, tokens, paper vouchers, credit cards, checks, etc.) are impractical and waste considerable time for your staff .

The use of an NFC card or wristband makes it possible to replace these methods of payment by providing the participants a digitized wallet. This eliminates the risks associated with the management of traditional means of payment.

Cashless fits perfectly into the sports world

Nanterre 92, AJ Ajaccio, the Maubeuge Jumping, the OJO Omnisports Games, etc. The NFC technology of our cashless solutions has already proven itself to many organizers and operators of sporting events wishing to improve the course of their event and offer the best possible experience to their participants. Indeed, with the help of their cashless wristband or card, they can participate and take full advantage of the activities and consumptions offered in complete safety.

5 benefits of cashless for users

How can the MyBee Box solution allow your participants and spectators to enjoy better every minute of your event?

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    by providing them with a secure, innovative and collectable method of payment

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    by enabling easy credit top-up on-site or online

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    drastically reducing queues and wait times at points of sale

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    by providing an offer based on usable consumption data

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    by offering online refunds of remaining balance and lost card deactivation

The benefits of cashless for clubs
and sports event organizers

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    A turnover increased up to 60%

    • increase on-site consumption and cross selling
    • revenues generated by the remaining balances (€2.80 on average)
    • return on investment with an average ROI of x2.7
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    Increased visibility on your operations

    • easily manage your event via an interactive interface
    • get data on your sales and inventory management
    • close your accounts with a complete sales report
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    Easy and secure management

    • reduced queues with a payment 3x faster than with credit card
    • less cash management costs (loss, theft, security)
    • hardware that can be used without delay for an instant launch
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    A digital communication tag

    • a practical and collectable item for your spectators and participants
    • a renewed and innovative image for your event
    • a modern advertising space for your sponsors

A robust technology. A reliable & secure system

The payment system put in place by our solution is concretely based on four elements: tags, terminals, a website and a management tool. The secure electronic payment technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) is at the heart of the MyBee Box solution.

This technology used by cashless cards and wristbands of your participants is the one found in contactless credit cards, ski passes or transit passes: a so-called passive NFC encrypted chip.


Allows you to set up your event and monitor its operations (points of sales/top-ups, vendors, items, prices, etc.).Allows you to set up your event and monitor its operations (points of sales/top-ups, vendors, items, prices, etc.).


Equipped with NFC card readers and a business application to cash-in and top-up credits on the tags.


In wristband or card type with the colors of the local team or your sponsors for example.


Allows you to top-up your tag online, disable it in case of loss or request the refund of remaining credits (optional).

This passive chip emits no wave and is therefore harmless for its holder. By going to the physical top-up points of your event or from their smartphone (option), your participants can exchange real money for credits loaded on their NFC tag.

The fast reading of their cashless card/wristband from a cash-in terminal of a bar or merchandising shop enables participants to exchange their credits in order to make purchases.

How does the MyBee Box solution work
for your participants and/or spectators?

A usage of the MyBee Box solution by your
participants and spectators for a seamless experience in 3 steps:
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    1. Retrieve and top-up your NFC tag

    Before starting your marathon or attending the opening ceremony, your sports participants and spectators receive a cashless wristband on which they top-up the amount of their choice. These top-ups are made on-site at the top-up points or on (optional).

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    2. Use the solution to consume during the event

    In between games or at the end of a sports event, spectators and attendees can cool down by paying for their consumption in just a few seconds, thanks to their NFC tag on payment terminals located in the various points of sale managed by the staff members.

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    3. Get your balance refunded after the event on

    Once your event is over, users can be refunded their remaining credits online on their account (to be created if necessary), by filling in their identity, a contact email, bank details and the code alphanumeric located on their NFC tag.

FAQ : Frequently asked questions about the use of cashless

Is cashless suitable for all types of sporting events?

From car racing to rugby tournaments and equitation competitions, our MyBee Box cashless solution has been supporting managers for the past 6 years in organizing their sporting events from 400 to 10,000 participants.

What are the steps of the cashless MyBee Box?

From the deployment to the end of the event through the exploitation, the MyBee Box solution involves several players in your organization during the various stages of your sporting event. Find all these steps of your cashless journey with the MyBee Box in details.

Is the handling of cashless easy?

The features of the MyBee Box cashless solution, with 6 years of experience, have been designed to promote a simple and intuitive handling by all the actors organizing or participating in your event: you as an organizer, your staff, your volunteers and your participants or spectators.
Thanks to the MyBee Box, the customer experience of your users becomes more seamless, your staff is quickly made autonomous and you can control your event more easily and in a safe manner.

Does cashless require an internet connection?

The MyBee Box aims to meet the needs and on-site constraints of sports events. Our cashless solution can therefore work perfectly offline, you do not need to install wifi terminals, nor do you need a good 4G coverage.
Network coverage is only required if you want to enable the online top-up option allowing participants to top-up their NFC card/wristband from their smartphone on

Should I invest in additional staff?

Our cashless solution has been designed to be easy to use and to handle by your staff. It allows faster cash-ins at points of sale, giving more time for your staff members to take care of the service. You will not need to hire additional bartenders at your points of sale.

Is this solution suitable for other events?

Festivals, private parties, student events (galas, inter-school meetings, etc.) or professional events and thematic exhibitions, our turnkey MyBee Box cashless solution allows the dematerialization of payments within all types of events.

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